Junior Woman’s Club Branding Project

Our objective for this project was to create a successful strategy plan for the Bowling Green Junior Woman’s Club.  They are an amazing group of women who work together in this nonprofit organization to better the community of Bowling Green by helping out in various charities and sponsorships. JWC has had some problems with promoting their philanthropic organization.  It isn’t as well known around the community, as they would like it to be; so our main focus was to come up with a plan that would create more awareness for their group.


Our team worked well together for the most part.  After evaluating the situation analysis, conducting a survey, and coming up with a strategy plan, our group split up to work into more detail on creative and branding.  My role in this was creative director, which included organizing the team efforts and setting goal and ideas for the brand.  Our creative team came up with several logo options, which we sent to Deanna Clark (member of JWC), who gave us feedback from members of the organization.  We ultimately decide to use the logo I created because we felt it best displayed how JWC wanted to be perceived.

After deciding on the logo, we immediately began working on merchandise, Facebook, and website mockups.  I created several pieces of merchandise for the brand (tote bag and water bottles).

I worked diligently to create the branding plan book for JWC.  I came up with the overall design of the booklet, created it all in InDesign, and printed it.


Overall, I am very happy with the outcome of our project.  I am especially proud of the branding plan book that I created and the logo.  Deanna and her team really seemed to like all of our ideas and I really enjoyed working close with her on creating a plan that they could actually use.

However, if I could go back, I would have tried to organize our entire group a bit better.  We were a little unorganized while presenting due to a member of our group who did not participate in any of the work.  I would have liked to see our presentation go a little smoother, but besides that I am proud of my team and the work that we put into this.  I know how hard I worked on this and I am proud of myself.




After signing up on Linkedin.com, which had been long put off, I immediately began making connection with classmates, old colleagues, and former employers.  This helped me find good groups to join in relation to my course topic and major.  A few of my classmates had already joined a group called Creative Design Pros.  This seemed like a well-fitting group for myself so I through out a question: ”

What is a main trait design firms look for when hiring people out of college?

I am a senior at Western Kentucky University with a major in Advertising – Creative Print, Graphic Design minor. I want to know everything there is to know about advertising and design and how to get a good job when I graduate. Any input would be greatly appreciated!”

The feedback I received was very enlightening for me.  A few comments were about building my resume in a design fashion which I am glad was brought up by someone other than in my classes.  I have always wondered if that was truly important.  I am glad I have already been working on a resume that shows my design capabilities.  I also got some good office advice for when I get a job.  All the advice and time received for my question is greatly appreciated.

I know I will continue asking question about Advertising on Linkedin.com. It is a great outlet for career advice from an outside source.


JOUR 300 : Funny Is the New Black : BlogPost#1

Humor will always course through my veins. I love to laugh, and I love to make people laugh.  There are many different directions one could take for a career in comedy.  One, not immediately thought of would be Advertising. Humor seems to be a big driving force in the business of Advertising lately, and since I love to laugh I thought I would look deeper into this concept.

I am a senior at Western Kentucky University, studying Creative Print Advertising with a minor in Graphic Design.  Considering I had no idea what I wanted to do at the beginning of my college career, I feel very lucky to have found a major that is so fitting for me.  There are so many aspects of advertising I would love to talk about, but one that I have been noticing (in commercials mostly) is the humor and how it has positively impacted Advertising while consistently changing throughout the years.  A good example of what I am talking about would be the Super bowl commercials.  Comedy has changed over the years into more dry humor and witty phrases.  I feel like the direction that advertising has taken with comical advertising has given them a better name.  For most, commercials are irritating and not believable. I have noticed that the younger generations tend to link humor with trust at times.  If they get a good laugh from an ad, they are going to ultimately have more respect for that product and may end up purchasing it as a result.  Although this is all just a theory of mine, if you look at some new, noteworthy commercials you will see what I mean. They either tell a heartfelt story that captures your emotions, or they are hilarious and memorable.  When something like a commercial makes me laugh out loud, I remember it.

In the Next Year

It’s hard to predict what will be going on in the next year.  To some, the world may come to an end, to others; drastic change takes longer than a year’s time.  I have five vague predictions for what Advertising will look like in the next year.

  1. Technology will be used for advertising even more so than today.  More people will become familiar with products that are fairly new right now (i.e. iPad, iPhone, Kindle). The more people that are familiar with these products, the more advertising companies will present new ways to reach consumers using these products.
  2. Social media such as Twitter and Facebook will either be more popular or will be over run by a new form of social media like Google + or something like it.  If Facebook and Twitter are still around (which I am almost certain they will be in a years time), advertising companies may have come up with a new way to communicate to consumers through these social outlets.
  3. Companies will expand on creating new ways to grab attention on the road.  Billboards have already advanced with digital features and panning of ads.  I predict that more digital uses for billboard advertising will be used to grab attention (such as lighting and pre-recorded videos).
  4. With the success of President Obamas last campaign, I am certain that the next election will display the candidates in an even more creative way.
  5. Advertising companies are always coming up with new ways to reach large audiences (i.e. flash mob).  I wouldn’t be surprised if someone came up with something that has a viral effect on consumers.


The Past Five Years

In the past five years advertising campaigns have drastically changed.  Media tactics have changed, as well as the consumer’s interest which has altered the way that ad campaigns are formed.  Knowledge of what consumers look for in products and how they rank the importance of that product has widely expanded over the past several years.  Saatchi & Saatchi came up with one of the most revolutionary ideas of the decade by coining the term Lovemark.  This word was made to replace the idea of brands.  It is based on the concept that consumers will stay loyal to things they love and respect.

In my opinion, over the past five years, a large factor in the change of campaign strategies is the realization about exactly what people want.  People may not always know who they are, but they know when they see something they want; because in their mind that something will bring them one step closer to the person they want to become.  Expanding on the basis of Lovemarks, people will be loyal to a product or a brand that they want to be part of (i.e. Apple).  By retaining this concept, large corporations have been able to effectively strategize ad campaigns.

Agencies are harder to pitch ideas to now more than ever.  They are always searching for the next big thing or the idea that is going to become monumental.  With that in mind, advertising companies have had to take the pitching strategies to another level…always searching for some new inventive way to present a product. A New York Times 2010 post gave some good examples for campaigns that became big just from one idea. The “Special K Challenge” where Kellogg decided to make a campaign specifically geared toward women who want to lose weight was one.  Another was Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty”, which was also geared toward women. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/05/business/media/05adco.html

By creating these new ideas for campaigning, advertising has very much changed over the past five years; and I have no doubt that it will keep changing in the years to come.

Product Placement

In case you were not already aware of what product placement is; it is a form of advertising where companies will pay to have their product shown in movies, videos, news programs, television shows, etc.  It may come as a surprise to learn that this form of advertising has been around since the 19th century.  Instead of movies and TV shows, they would place magazines in photographs of important people. Ever since then, brands have been used the placement of their product into entertainment as a way to advertise.  The reason this method has been so effective is a part of subliminal messaging.  People will be watching a show and subconsciously want the bag of Lays Chips that the character is eating.  Another reason businesses find it so successful is their perception on how the public looks up to movie stars in a way.  If you see your favorite movie start wearing a stunning Fossil watch in a movie, chances are, you are going to want to check out some watches when you return home.

In my opinion, this strategy has proven to be effective so in many ways it is a good thing.  Another side of me believes it to be a bit deceiving to the public.  If we are not realizing this is going on, and it is something that is constantly helping us make decisions, then it is not something that needs to be taken lightly.  When looking a product placement on a large scale, it is something effect how we grow up and the people we become.  If that is the case, then I think companies that place their products should think twice about what they want to place and where they want to place it.


Blogging in the Entertainment Industry

Blogs, blogging, bloggers; these words have become much more familiar to the English language over the past decade.  The thing that makes blogging so special is it gives anyone the power to say what they want to that whom ever wants to listen.  With new forms of social media sprouting about constantly, advertisers have taken advantage of these communication sites by selectively placing ads into Facebook, MySpace, and other forms of media.  Along with advertising, the entertainment industry has gone the same route with blogs.  Many entertainment companies will use blogging to promote their products or events.  Since people find gossip to be entertaining, there is a wide selection of celebrity gossip blogs (ex. TMZ, Perez Hilton, Pink is the New Blog, and PopSugar) that I am sure help promote the website, company, or celebrity.

Blogging has become vital to many companies in the entertainment industry.  The main reason being the relationship it creates between the customer and the company.  A good company is going to care about their consumer’s thoughts on whatever product they are selling.  By having a blog, the company can get accurate and timely feedback on their product and find ways to improve.

By having these blogs and consistently updating them gives celebrities and their audience a chance to communicate and share with each other.  It also let’s them share release dates, and events that they might be promoting. By them doing so, consumers and fans have responded by making blogs and giving reviews, thoughts, and ideas as well.  If there is ever another way for advertisers and the entertainment industry to market information, ads, or promotions out, they will always be doing so. Believe Blogging has been another stepping stone further into the way society today shares and communicates.

(^Ex. Gossip blog TMZ)

Spreadable Media

Henry Jenkins research on how spreadable media helps distinguish the different ways people spread media and how they receive it.  At the beginning of his lecture he made a valid statement; that hearing about his insights now, rather than in the future when his book is published, has more relevance to the present issues in media.  With the frequent changes in social media, by the time his book comes out, things in media will have already transformed.

Jenkins did an amazing job of explaining the differences in how people receive and transmit information through social media. He has tapped into why spreadable media has become so valuable in todays society.  What I caught interest of in listening to Jenkins was how this new way of spreading media has given society the ability to chose what we share and who we share it with.

He talked about its advantages/ how value is created:

–       Available when & where the audience wants it

–       Portable, easily reusable

–       Relevant to multiple audiences

–       It’s part of a steady stream.

All of these advantages tie into why spreadable media has/is becoming a new way for people to receive information.  This lets people tap into issues that they are more interested in, rather than listening to and hour of the news to hear a five minute story that intrigued them.

He also gives main reasons as to why people spread content:

– To define themselves

– Increase their notoriety

– Strengthen ties

– To build community.

Having the ability to share specific content to a person you think with also find it interesting is what I think makes spreadable media so popular.  If I see a funny YouTube video about cats, I will share it with a friend of mine who is obsessed with cats, because I know that she will appreciate it.  At the same time, I choose not to show that video to my roommate who hates cats.  By having the ability to select what we send to whom we send it to, gives us, as society, the upper hand.


The Words

In many ways, the words used in advertising disguise the true meaning of that word.  Persuading consumers to buy a product by creating ads (including words) is what advertising is.  So when a person buys that product, they are essentially buying into what that ad said.  In “The Persuaders”, they talk about how it’s not just about the product, its how that product makes you feel; the status that it gives you.  Ultimately that’s what consumers are buying.

Advertising in the Digital World Blog post #1

I am a Senior at Western Kentucky University. My major is Creative Print Advertising with a minor in Graphic Design.  I grew up in Brentwood, Tennessee with my half-brother Garrett whom is just starting law school at Belmont University.  My parents are divorced and remarried, and I must say, I got incredibly lucky.  I have two amazing step parents as well as two great parents.  I have been extremely blessed with the life I have, and I try to remember that everyday.

Overall, I have always thought of myself to be an interesting person.  Once you get to know me it is clear that I do not think like the average person.  It’s always been easy for me to understand peoples point of view, while having my way of looking at things.  I really enjoy thinking “outside of the box” when I can.  Sometimes having conversations with certain people can trigger that mind-set for me; thats why I think this major is so perfect for me.  So far, it has allowed me to meet more people who fall into the “strange” category.  It has also allowed me to come up with ideas that I never knew I had, and helped me execute them.  I can’t wait to see what’s ahead.

I don’t have a particular person in mind for someone I would like to have a conversation with.  It would most likely be an artist or a scientist who has done work that I find imperative to learn.  Someone whose ideals match up with mine and can explain something that I have always been baffled by.

I love discussing topics of the mind with my friends.  Picking out their brains and hearing how they view different situations is very interesting to me.  If you were to ask my friends what I am best at, odds are at least a few of them would say that I always like to help with their problems.  Whether is be a family, boyfriend/girlfriend, or some other issue, I find happiness in helping them find solutions to their problems.

At least once a week I think about where I will be in five years, or even three.  Where I hope to be is in a large city or somewhere near water; working at a company that finds a lot of value in what I do for them.  I can see myself working at an advertising firm; the casual kind where their ideas consume their surroundings.  That is the type of work environment I would love to work in.  I also see myself engaged if not married, and traveling out of the country when I get the chance.